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CSS Responsive Video Embeds

The Gutenberg editor in WordPress is pretty great, but it does give the user a good bit of power to do things that we may not have anticipated when writing the CSS. One of these is video embeds. In the past, I have used fitvids.js. It works fine and while it is only 3 or 4 kb, it just feels like too much. Do I really need JavaScript for this? The Problem

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web development on a Mac M1

Web Development on a 13″ MacBook Pro M1

Last week was super busy and I was cranking late, testing a project that would be rolling out for release the next morning. I made some final adjustments before putting an old friend to sleep for the last time. My 2015 15" MacBook Pro had served me well for years but when trying to awaken it the next day I got the flashing folder of doom. I tried many things to bring the machine back to life including:

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Target _blank, noopener, noreferrer and nofollow

If you have been developing websites for some time, you may know that adding a target of _blank to a link can have some unintended consequences. I sometimes find myself wondering which of these to add and and having to look them up. Summary:Use rel="noreferrer noopener" at minimum. There is also a nofollow that you may want to use but this has less to do with security and more about passing "link juice" along to the ...

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Git 101

Git is one of those tools that is really intimidating for new users and fills them with dread. I felt this way and used to only work exclusively within a Graphical User Interface ( GUI ). But, using the GUI version without understanding what is happening can be dangerous and lead to more confusion and problems. This post is meant to explain the basics of using Git in the command line, mainly from the perspective of how I use it. I find myself having to explain these things to some people I work with and now this ...

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Hello World, Again

It has been a long time since I had a blog. The first blog I built was back in 2007 when both WordPress and I were both much younger. WordPress has come a long way since then and I have grown in my career. I will not be committing to a schedule for posts or anything but hope to be posting fairly regularly. Most of my posts will be code related but I plan on adding some other things as well. It should also be noted ...

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