Rebirth Series, My First Generative Art NFT Release

Rebirth Image Example - abstract round and rectangle kites flying in the sky

After many weeks of fun work, I am launching my first NFT. It will not sell out immediately and I am fine with that. I did this to learn how Web3 works and how I can participate. I am a longtime web dev and artist and have participated while the web has evolved several times over the past 20 years. I have some fun Web3 ideas and people that pickup my work can come along for the ride.

Rebirth mixes a traditional drawing and painting style with generative logic to assemble each final piece. The final art is 4K which means it will look great as a print or in one of those fancy digital frames when they start coming out.

I am currently minting Rebirth Series 0 which is essentially a preorder for Series 1. Series 0 serves as a test flight and is also selling for 10 MATIC ( ~$20 ) which is cheaper than Series 1 will mint for.

I will be posting a more detailed version of this journey for anyone that is interested in getting into this space. But, for now…

These are minting now here:

I am also keeping a few available on OpenSea as minting progresses:

Or, jump in the discord I setup and feel free to ask me any questions: