Jeff Rainey

A creative front-end developer/designer with a passion for creating beautiful and useful digital products.


East Tennessee State University (1999-2003) Bachelor of Fine Arts


Design/Develop websites from the ground up. Apply UI to web apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Manage Projects from start to finish including scheduling, managing resources and client communication.

Selling web work and custom applications including price estimates and proposal.

Key Brands CDC, CoreX25, Dr. Enuf, Hunter Fan, Lexmark, Medtronic, Pal's, TurboFunder, Xerox


SERO InteractiveFounder ~ (2017 - Present) - Create business requirements, find technologies which fit the need and implement the design and development.
Key Tasks: Design/Development, Project Management, Sales, Support
Key Knowledge:PHP, WordPress Codex, JavaScript/Vue/jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, SASS/SCSS)
Key Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Animate, Sketch, Git, PHPStorm

Past Employment
(2005 - 2017) - INTELLITHOUGHT, Director of Web Technologies - Lead teams on projects from concept to completion.
Key Tasks: Design/Development, Project Management, Sales, Support
Key Knowledge: ASP.NET, PHP, WordPress Codex, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, SASS)

(1998 - 2005) - Lead Designer at Go Tri-Cities, Star Technology Group and the Sign Studio
Key Tasks: Design/Development, Support - Key Knowledge: HTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, Print, CAD Plotting)

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Full stack development

I work with the team to build tools for the CDC to building and maintaining their site. This includes backend PHP and frontend HTML, JS and CSS.

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A custom WordPress theme for a client

When using WordPress, and when possible, I like creating a custom theme. This allows for more creative control and not having to lean someone else's way of thinking or approach to design. This one uses HTML5, SCSS and Foundation.

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Christ Fellowship

A custom WordPress theme for a local church -

This is another custom WordPress theme. Adding video as a background to a site, when it makes sense, is a great way to quickly communicate things like culture and purpose.

For this site, I handled client interaction, design, wireframe and development. I used HTML5, CSS, Foundation and also wrote a custom WordPress plugin for the sermon search.

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Holston Medical Group

Vue.js search filter -

This group has an internal web design team that reached out for some technical assitance. One of the needs was a way to search quickly and easily through the providers. Using Vue.js allows the user to quickly enter letters into the search as the page responds with each keystroke.

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TurboFunder - App

A .NET SaaS app to help startups with funding -

This is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of a web app. This app assists startups in building an investment packet with all documentation that investors want to see. On this project I worked primarily on the front-end using HTML5 and Bootstrap

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Pal's Sudden Service

Hiring App for Pal's Sudden Service -

I worked with this client to take a regular job application form and make it a little more interesting. It was also important for the user to be able to move around in the app and gain an understanding of progress. The hiring app is created in .NET and feeds into their back business operations, for which I created the user interface.

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Jeff Rainey